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Ostim VCIF

Established with the strategy of investing in companies that have the potential to grow and generate added value, the fund aims to contribute to the startup ecosystem while focusing on the ecosystem of Ankara and Ostim. The fund, which focuses on technology-intensive companies, supports technology companies that contribute to the digital transformation of SMEs with the power of Ostim's ecosystem, while supporting SMEs in the Ostim ecosystem to adapt to the new era through the initiatives it invests in.

OSTİM, which has an important power to bring together traditional companies and new generation technology companies, has the potential to make a significant contribution to the development of the customer network of the companies it invests in with its organized industrial zone. In addition, the fund, which brings together all parties of the end-to-end ecosystem with the presence and know-how of its university and Technopark, will make a significant contribution to the national economy.

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